Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 15w44a - HTML format


  • [MC-2034] - Brewing stands' input slots do not have normal stacking behavior
  • [MC-2729] - Normal glass block is darker than the glass panel / glass panel brighter than glass block
  • [MC-3706] - Items 'walking' randomly / Paintings and item frames fly when broken
  • [MC-9496] - Bucket can't fill up from right-clicking a full cauldron
  • [MC-29844] - Big Oak Trees fail to generate in Forest Biomes
  • [MC-45375] - Improper Cake Texture
  • [MC-50344] - Incorrect Texture Mapping on Some Blocks
  • [MC-58192] - Brewing stand bottle model rendering incorrect
  • [MC-58634] - Command block previous output doesn't update properly after setblock
  • [MC-66485] - Bad Texture Projection in East and West Directions (Severe Model Bug)
  • [MC-72562] - Invisible rain by the world end
  • [MC-81067] - Entities turning black at eye level Y>=256
  • [MC-82009] - World end lighting
  • [MC-84069] - Beacon effects constantly blinking even while in range of the beacon
  • [MC-84735] - Z-Fighting at top of Cobblestone Wall
  • [MC-86838] - Status effect HUD background is asymmetrical, border is cut off on one side
  • [MC-87566] - Delayed "SuccessCount:1" CommandBlock Update.
  • [MC-87849] - FallingSand command block gimmick removed between SSs w35b/w35c
  • [MC-89249] - The platform of "The Void" worlds sometimes generates not fully
  • [MC-89647] - Pick block on items outside the hotbar visually replaces armor/crafting slot with duplicate of the stack that was picked
  • [MC-90478] - Summoned ItemFrames, Paintings and LeashKnots have the wrong position.
  • [MC-91093] - Music disk description names missing - item.record.waitdesc
  • [MC-91221] - unintended changes in mob drops with loot tables
  • [MC-91310] - LootTable does not respect rolls
  • [MC-91316] - 'Mending' is impossibly rare
  • [MC-91448] - Can't add Mending enchant to shields

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