Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 15w38a - HTML format


  • [MC-1230] - Players and mobs can fall through extending/retracting pistons
  • [MC-1635] - Hitboxes for some blocks are broken
  • [MC-1720] - Dropped items bounce on stairs, cauldrons, carpets and full / locked hoppers
  • [MC-32850] - Server GUI Text box is empty (.exe only)
  • [MC-69652] - Mobs de-aggro After Punching Them
  • [MC-73302] - Block collision box issues (mobs glitch through blocks and more)
  • [MC-77972] - No large red mushrooms in mushroom biomes 1.8.2 onwards
  • [MC-78759] - Hopper splitting items into "Minecart with chest"s next to each other
  • [MC-79995] - Too many banners items (in chests) will become invisible after 6-7 chests
  • [MC-81738] - Crash: IndexOutOfBoundsException on Tesselating block in world
  • [MC-83002] - Villagers don't pick up Beet Roots or Beet Root Seeds
  • [MC-83266] - Beetroot Farming non-sustainable
  • [MC-86253] - In multiplayer, when a player is blocking with a shield, other players see the shield as the normal state
  • [MC-86845] - Minecart Command Blocks kick players from servers
  • [MC-87802] - Excessive banners (as blocks) do not render
  • [MC-87946] - Monsters see you through walls
  • [MC-88101] - Retracting blocks don't move/bounce entities correctly
  • [MC-88357] - Crash when going outside height limit or into the void with F3
  • [MC-88365] - Shift-clicking combined shields+banners moves the whole banner stack to the inventory, but only removes one banner from the crafting grid, duplicating the rest
  • [MC-88377] - Crash when craftig a Empty Shield with a Banner
  • [MC-88396] - Pistons do not move unextended pistons.
  • [MC-88428] - Pistons Can Push Obsidian
  • [MC-88438] - Vines cannot be placed on blocks in Creative or Survival mode
  • [MC-88446] - Unconditional impulse command blocks interact unexpectedly with conditionMet
  • [MC-88470] - Joining a multiplayer game within render distance of player causes "invisibility"
  • [MC-88480] - Minecarts accept items from hopper 2 blocks above
  • [MC-88499] - Breaking top vine growing ON jungle tree stem removes all lower vines
  • [MC-88812] - Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Rendering screen
  • [MC-88815] - Can't place Paintings bigger than 2x2

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