Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 15w37a - HTML format


  • [MC-3330] - Dispenser shooting arrow in stairs
  • [MC-19413] - Horse tries to "finish" pathfinding when you interrupt it by riding it
  • [MC-46710] - 4 blocks wide paintings need 5 blocks space / Paintings popping off wall when blocks around it are broken
  • [MC-58073] - Farmland has missing texture in inventory
  • [MC-59061] - Player is for a short moment at the wrong position when opening a world
  • [MC-76679] - Wrong hand position after going through portal / loading world (combined with missing item)
  • [MC-77604] - Pushed WitherSkulls become invisible
  • [MC-79980] - Skeletons and Creepers flee endlessly
  • [MC-82923] - Bow in Offhand does not work properly
  • [MC-86486] - Offhand sneak placing doesn't work like main hand sneak placing
  • [MC-86513] - Sneak mode ends after using inventory
  • [MC-86811] - Digging with axes, shovels, and pickaxes cause the new reload/attack animation to appear
  • [MC-86989] - World/map save dates are not recorded in the newer snapshots
  • [MC-87851] - When durability on bow it is 0 / 384 and shoot one more time to bugs ..
  • [MC-87872] - Can't open command blocks after death and respawn or changing dimensions
  • [MC-87877] - Command block break particles don't appear after death and respawn
  • [MC-87918] - Animation not playing when placing command blocks after death and respawn
  • [MC-88095] - Nights don't get skipped when the last player is set to specator mode
  • [MC-88098] - When unloading a hopper minecart it gets unlocked
  • [MC-88206] - Stairs / leaves disappear or replaced by doors / beetroot
  • [MC-88277] - Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Updating screen events
  • [MC-88349] - Client Memory leak: Map data does not get garbage-collected

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