Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 15w33c - HTML format


  • [MC-10447] - Pick up framed renamed/enchanted items / written book gives a unnamed / unenchanted / unwritten item
  • [MC-48732] - CTRL+pickblock overwrites selected item
  • [MC-68399] - Pressing the '<' key takes screenshot on certain keyboard layouts
  • [MC-73474] - Rail duplication Glitch
  • [MC-82855] - Invisible Shulker shows white box until relog
  • [MC-82875] - Right-clicking with sword still blocks
  • [MC-82986] - Stackable items of same id and meta value but different NBT tags will stack in creative menu
  • [MC-83350] - Entities teleporting through a portal disappear instead of teleporting.
  • [MC-83945] - Item counts can go negative when interacting with entities, allowing duplication
  • [MC-84095] - Ender Dragon destroys fireballs/Fireballs invisible
  • [MC-84320] - Respawned Ender Dragon doesn't drop experience
  • [MC-84681] - If in block when you log out, you spawn 1 block lower
  • [MC-85500] - Syntax for '/scoreboard players' doesn't include 'tag' parameter
  • [MC-85801] - Ender Dragon dieing randomly at portal
  • [MC-85834] - Pick-Block on mobs gives you a blank spawn egg
  • [MC-85865] - Can't put splash potions in brewing stands
  • [MC-85925] - Problems while Loading NBT [AreaEffectCloud]
  • [MC-85973] - Modifying the 'Age' tag of an 'AreaEffectCloud' entity will result in the 'Effects' tag being duplicated
  • [MC-85999] - NBT Tag "Peek" is broken
  • [MC-86007] - Both the Bottle and Dragon's Breath are consumed when making Lingering Potions
  • [MC-86066] - Mob spawner spawns skeletons without bow
  • [MC-86082] - Cannot summon an entity with a custom UUID
  • [MC-86085] - Potions and Spawn Eggs still show data values in tooltips.

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