Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 1.8.1-pre4 - HTML format


  • [MC-349] - Villagers ignore data tags in trading
  • [MC-954] - Air Blocks floating in Water
  • [MC-1237] - Anvil GUI truncating long item names and showing garbage at the end
  • [MC-25646] - Music keeps playing when putting in a disc in a jukebox and breaking it at the same time
  • [MC-37586] - Ghost Players in Multiplayer / Item Duplication
  • [MC-38372] - Sprint glitch
  • [MC-55767] - Unable to hide Wither Skull names
  • [MC-58568] - Item frames with items in them do not frustum culling properly causing sevre FPS lag.
  • [MC-59226] - 3D-dropped items not spinning
  • [MC-61587] - Summon Rotation
  • [MC-63070] - Chunks do not render behind the player in F5. Perhaps culling should calculate from camera POV instead of presuming head position.
  • [MC-70472] - Crash when trying to connect to a server with more than 73 characters address
  • [MC-72688] - Execute Detect gives false positive when in different dimension
  • [MC-73147] - Can't place blocks in certain areas at certain angles

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