Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w34a - HTML format


  • [MC-36812] - Chat Opacity Option is not working
  • [MC-50875] - "Can't see up thru clouds" effect starting 1 block too high
  • [MC-51298] - Sign / Banner darkens when displaying tooltips (tellraw hover text, inventory, Player UUID in chat)
  • [MC-51610] - Item frame causing duplication when loading map (causing / caused by stack overflow)
  • [MC-56514] - Potion effect particles go to the east from a mob, instead of up (FIXED)
  • [MC-61676] - Tab list expands too far and is unreadable
  • [MC-61946] - Rabbits sometimes have the name ""
  • [MC-62166] - Breaking / placing / changing blocks has a delay to disappear / appear
  • [MC-62958] - Massive Visual Glitching with VBOs off and Chunk distance over a level the graphics card cannot handle (Caused by outdated AMD drivers)
  • [MC-63418] - "/achievement take" commnad not showing when using enter for more parameters
  • [MC-67127] - Armor stands fall through slab floor if player isn't around.
  • [MC-67854] - CustomNames on Spiders, Endermen and Ender Dragons are displayed incorrectly
  • [MC-67872] - Furnace progress reset on left/right-click drag
  • [MC-67890] - Heads On Tab Menu
  • [MC-67916] - Sign doesn't update with clone within tellraw sign
  • [MC-67923] - clone and fill sometimes leave behind ghost tile entities
  • [MC-67940] - Border of reset button in custom world option as incorrect limits (FIXED)
  • [MC-67947] - Podzol does not change into dirt when sapling grows into tree
  • [MC-67956] - 3D anaglyph is flat

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