Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w33c - HTML format


  • [MC-2399] - Transparent blocks visually use the brighter light level that they are next to
  • [MC-2664] - Floating Mob Heads above baby mobs that wear them / Baby zombie hitbox too high
  • [MC-5962] - When first loading a world, chests and trapped chests have a visual glitch in hotbar
  • [MC-8785] - Placing snow cover to side of block replaces current cover regardless of thickness
  • [MC-11801] - Stitching bug on second layer of player skins
  • [MC-27538] - Sand landing on snow slabs is inconsistent.
  • [MC-49937] - Mobs can't swim
  • [MC-50506] - Interblock Culling Not Respecting Rotation
  • [MC-53691] - Game Crashes When Killed by /Worldborder
  • [MC-58186] - Detector rail does not change texture if activated
  • [MC-59962] - Rabbits have no sounds
  • [MC-62185] - Whitelisting broken
  • [MC-63346] - lighting error at heights Multiples of 16
  • [MC-63365] - L Chests
  • [MC-63688] - Game crashes when running world generated before 14w30a
  • [MC-64453] - armor doesn't render when looking from the inside
  • [MC-66238] - The new doors have bigger items.
  • [MC-67189] - Wooden door types item texture has door knobs on opposite side

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