Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 15w31a - HTML format


  • [MC-417] - Arrows first bounce back then appear at correct location
  • [MC-438] - Ender pearl can't be used in creative mode
  • [MC-849] - Eating a food item / drinking potion / curing zombie / feeding animal has a chance of also consuming a second food item / potion without any animation
  • [MC-1537] - Sometimes doors in strongholds are misplaced (open, get closed when a button is pressed and open again)
  • [MC-1663] - Dying while having a gui window open doesn't make appear the death screen
  • [MC-1956] - Arms misplaced in skeletons with a bow
  • [MC-2768] - Ladder Bug with Trapdoors.
  • [MC-4474] - Boss Health Bar Temporarily Viewable after Respawn and Loading Another World
  • [MC-5404] - Name Tags/XP Orbs/Splash Potions are angled in third-person mode
  • [MC-42841] - Incorrect Creative Instant Health Damage value
  • [MC-47526] - Ender Crystal entity spawning 1 block too low
  • [MC-53897] - Torches in Villages, Mineshafts, Stronghold, & End exit portal spawned dropped
  • [MC-56268] - Breaking the bedrock below an Ender Crystal (in the End) creates performance drops, rapidly flickering light
  • [MC-68062] - Boss health bar only visible when looking at boss
  • [MC-69320] - Data tag output by /entitydata and /blockdata contains too many commas
  • [MC-75082] - End music will stop every time the ender dragon loads out of view.

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