Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w29b - HTML format


  • [MC-1677] - Retracting piston shows ghost hitbox of technical block
  • [MC-2947] - Ghasts and Witches Do Not Aim Properly
  • [MC-14800] - When zombie villagers, husks, drowned or zombified piglins are damaged, they spawn regular zombie reinforcements
  • [MC-33110] - Spiders (and some other mobs) are not affected by speed effects or movementSpeed attributes
  • [MC-33677] - Multiplayer: Clickable text in /tellraw not working if Options->Multiplayer->Weblinks are off
  • [MC-46531] - Weird texture overlay while spectating squid underwater
  • [MC-48106] - Entity Teleportation Bug
  • [MC-54012] - Piston arm is visable sticking through the back of the piston.
  • [MC-57876] - Furnaces don't get placed correctly when a village is generated on server.
  • [MC-57939] - Wrong Orientation for fire created on nonflammable block's side
  • [MC-58037] - Items Being Held Improperly
  • [MC-58130] - Chunks only render in the direction you are facing.
  • [MC-59923] - Trapdoors are open when you place them
  • [MC-59986] - IllegalArgumentException after breaking tall flower
  • [MC-61449] - piston hitbox
  • [MC-61454] - Ping indicator extends over the right side of the tab list
  • [MC-62024] - Block on Zombie Villager's head is rendered in relation to the body
  • [MC-62116] - Players loses CommandStats{} after Death
  • [MC-62134] - #players are taking up space on the sidebar display

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