Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w27b - HTML format


  • [MC-18752] - Entity shadows not rendered correctly after getting GL error due to compass in item frame
  • [MC-29454] - Cinematic mode activates when pushing mute or any other sound function key on keyboard
  • [MC-47712] - Comparator w/Minecarts with Chest/Hopper on sloped Detector Rail bug
  • [MC-59178] - Debug screen says that redstone repeaters are not locked, even if they are
  • [MC-59402] - Fences and Iron bars show "false" / Redstone shows "up" in all cardinal directions regardless if other blocks connected or not
  • [MC-59580] - Lower right hinged door reports "hinge:left"
  • [MC-59850] - IllegalArgumentException - Crash when rendering MinecartChest
  • [MC-59853] - Buttons positions are wrong
  • [MC-59854] - Torches and buttons: wrong orientation
  • [MC-59868] - Buttons are always pressed
  • [MC-59869] - Levers spawn powered on floors or walls
  • [MC-59886] - Piston placed on active redstone makes the piston head disappear
  • [MC-59908] - Comparator texture flipped
  • [MC-59915] - Comparators are default "powered"

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