Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w25a - HTML format


  • [MC-1499] - Can see the water lighter in a certain position
  • [MC-7432] - Real zombie sieges fail to start (fix included)
  • [MC-7488] - Village siege's spawn location is calculated incorrectly (fix included)
  • [MC-46591] - Ender Dragon destroy new Block "Barrier" When fly through
  • [MC-47437] - Endermen do not teleport out of water, lava or when on fire
  • [MC-47475] - Floating mushrooms on mooshrooms
  • [MC-48089] - When destroyed, end portal giving "missing texture" particles
  • [MC-48435] - Beacon is not transparent like before in inventory
  • [MC-48688] - Anosotropic filtering?
  • [MC-50729] - Vines orienting improperly in inside corners
  • [MC-50732] - Anvil, beacons, pistons, end portal frames etc. are incorrectly shadowed in inventory
  • [MC-51003] - Custom player skulls show as the default skin's head on mobs or players
  • [MC-51134] - Anvil texture doesn't change in hand
  • [MC-51235] - Various blocks don't display their metadata in the F3 screen
  • [MC-51236] - Same Door model on Mirrored Doors.
  • [MC-51717] - Brewing Stand Bottles Model Error
  • [MC-52076] - End Portal Frame (Falling Sand) texture render glitch
  • [MC-53374] - Piston, end portal frame, Beacon and Anvil Items are darker than the block form
  • [MC-53587] - When powering a piston, the piston head quickly appears as a full block
  • [MC-53675] - Non-full blocks occupy a full block when moved by piston
  • [MC-54039] - Sugar cane next to a block turns black
  • [MC-55145] - Pumpkin top textures don't rotate depending on direction
  • [MC-55684] - Clone with move on structure with dispensers vomits dispenser contents onto ground
  • [MC-55702] - /clone command move: NBT containing blocks drop item
  • [MC-56541] - Redstone torches (and other redstone components) have inconsistent timings
  • [MC-56689] - Move Command with Containers on Positive Axis Deletes Items
  • [MC-56849] - Game doesn't start on OS X
  • [MC-57118] - Cannot Launch Minecraft on Mac
  • [MC-58557] - Hopper: fs: Invalid index 0 requested for TranslatableComponent{key='multiplayer.player.left', args=[], siblings=[], style=Style{hasParent=true, color=null, b

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