Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 1.7.9 - HTML format


  • [MC-4812] - Piston Arm Graphic Glitch in End
  • [MC-12545] - Certain "stacked" riding mob spawners crash the game
  • [MC-12913] - when using an invalid number/name to the /weather command, no message will be produced
  • [MC-15120] - Very quick spinning of entire view
  • [MC-35507] - Block breaking animation renders incorrect at certain angles
  • [MC-51786] - 1.7.5 Minecraft OP Realms Bug
  • [MC-52719] - Outdated Server. Pretending to be 1.7.7 / 1.7.8
  • [MC-52817] - "Add player" packets and "Remove player" packets being sent out of order

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