Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w17a - HTML format


  • [MC-9177] - Tripwire doesn't have two sided Faces
  • [MC-11607] - Right click with undyed Leather armor part on cauldron with water still lower water layer
  • [MC-13485] - Tripwire hook texture looks wierd
  • [MC-17868] - Zombies in Water A.I. Glitch
  • [MC-29475] - Arrow sound plays twice when shot into blocks
  • [MC-30527] - Achievement "Adventuring Time" does not work right
  • [MC-31468] - Holes in bedrock and Replaced any block using Arbitrary tnt and flame bows
  • [MC-33086] - Save-all causes lagspikes on larger maps
  • [MC-33109] - scrolling with mouse wheel in server list is unresponsive
  • [MC-40615] - Child animals obsessed about their parents, even after growing up
  • [MC-45160] - When holding a map you have two right arms
  • [MC-46426] - Held items in spectator mode are visible in third-person.
  • [MC-47455] - When hitting a mob, the mob becomes lighter for short
  • [MC-47585] - Derailed minecarts sink into the ground
  • [MC-47723] - Broadcast settings - report to Mojang, links to previous bug reporting facility
  • [MC-47736] - When in spectator mode, items in your hand are misplaced
  • [MC-47943] - In spectator mode, items held before going into gamemode 3 are not in correct position.
  • [MC-48826] - "replace" directive in sounds.json does not work
  • [MC-49150] - '/scoreboard players reset *' produces error if tracking multiple players
  • [MC-50588] - East/West Pillars have shading error
  • [MC-51131] - Placing minecart on powered tracks sinks the minecart
  • [MC-51182] - Endermite rides below minecart and suffocates
  • [MC-51206] - Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Can't place skulls in multiplayer
  • [MC-51241] - When loading a resource pack weird dev concole message
  • [MC-51804] - Corner fences / cobblestone wall with a block next to them turn black (Smooth lighting off)
  • [MC-51953] - Almost instant motion sickness due to distorted rendering
  • [MC-53503] - Furnace minecarts interact with normal minecarts in glitchy and unexpected ways.
  • [MC-54386] - There is a small gap in the iron bar corner

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