Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 1.7.5 - HTML format


  • [MC-12598] - In inventory, right-click done after a left-click will be ignored if done within double-click time interval.
  • [MC-15100] - Minecraft "flashes white" when going to the main menu
  • [MC-22467] - Unable to make a tamed wolf sit after shooting yourself
  • [MC-29340] - Tab causes line leftovers.
  • [MC-30816] - Nether Portal has odd texture when looking at it from certain angles with Fast Graphics.
  • [MC-30823] - Sky changes color in Achievements window
  • [MC-32053] - Weird Glass Texture
  • [MC-37358] - Records do not get played in full but rather will be stopped playing
  • [MC-42174] - Chicken Jockeys causing lag on Multiplayer servers
  • [MC-46329] - Realms player count is no longer updating
  • [MC-47857] - Realms Backups "No" button doesn't work

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