Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 14w05a - HTML format


  • [MC-9752] - The command block will detect players who are dead, but have not yet hit re spawn.
  • [MC-38944] - Joining Realms World "Cancel" Button Mis-Placed
  • [MC-44521] - @a, @e, and any UUID references work incorrectly after a player dies.
  • [MC-45041] - setblock on a tile entity with "replace" doesn't seem to work
  • [MC-45050] - /fill ... skull | Hitbox Bug
  • [MC-45159] - Blocks with tile entities don't get removed when you clone / fill an airblock to their position.
  • [MC-45239] - clear @a does not work in Minecraft 14w03b
  • [MC-45453] - Items & Blocks placed in item frames are rendered incorrectly
  • [MC-45470] - Items don't render on the ground properly
  • [MC-45478] - Pre-snapshot14w04a villagers break crops but don't replant them
  • [MC-45492] - Transparent blocks are much darker
  • [MC-45554] - Two tall flowers variants are not generating.
  • [MC-45764] - Map will not show in item frame
  • [MC-45795] - Villagers can not place or pick up any crops
  • [MC-45847] - /summon Villager Farmer NBT tag canPickUpLoot will default to 0

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