Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 13w47e - HTML format


  • [MC-32295] - Glitchy item borders with Mipmapping and Anisotropic Filtering activated
  • [MC-40512] - Stained glass panes are opaque in 3rd person mode
  • [MC-40527] - Twitch broadcast: Unknown error
  • [MC-40537] - 13w47c fails to launch
  • [MC-40560] - Twitch - live black screen
  • [MC-40603] - 13w47c Crashes at startup on Mac
  • [MC-40627] - Glass blocks in hotbar toggle backface culling on/off when selecting/deselecting a stained glass block
  • [MC-40645] - Twitch renders mostly green screen instead
  • [MC-40879] - Stream volume (Mic and System)

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