Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 13w47a - HTML format


  • [MC-12413] - Furnace GUI - "full" arrow texture always drawn on leftmost column
  • [MC-14323] - Minimising other windows open, resizes Minecraft window
  • [MC-23132] - Click or right-click stuck on OS X
  • [MC-26102] - OS X Fullscreen is not supported
  • [MC-30300] - Minecraft Mac Command Key Glitch
  • [MC-30537] - Flower duplication glitch
  • [MC-31388] - Right clicking a flower pot that has certain plants in it while holding another plant replaces the one in the flower pot with the one you're holding
  • [MC-35617] - Cactus has incorrect inventory image
  • [MC-35643] - Items with enchantment effect cause blocks and potion effects indicator to not render
  • [MC-35658] - Water too transparent?
  • [MC-35797] - Background Rendering Issues When Picking Up Enchanted Items / Caption of containers white
  • [MC-36383] - Translucent parts of stained glass items not visible in 3rd person mode
  • [MC-36395] - Weird rendering with stained glass and nether portal across 0-axis
  • [MC-36705] - Block held in 3rd person rendered incorrectly
  • [MC-37106] - All the textures are flipped/mirrored on north/east sides of blocks

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