Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 13w41a - HTML format


  • [MC-1379] - Transparent texture makes transparent texture behind invisible
  • [MC-9779] - Old versions of output-server.log and lock files remain on harddisk
  • [MC-10984] - GS4 query listener fails to send player list when len(players) > 127
  • [MC-12984] - getting a locked chest pushed into your head crashes the game
  • [MC-16435] - Boats Still Break on Lily's
  • [MC-29498] - Villagers, exchanging 2 items for one, have their second required item in trade deleted after reloading the world.
  • [MC-29748] - fire aspect does not cause fire on any mob
  • [MC-30873] - Crash - Block Statistics: If Player breaks Technical Blocks, Statistics are getting corrupted
  • [MC-31618] - Crashing in atio6axx.dll (AMD/ATI graphics) when placing Paintings or item frames
  • [MC-31619] - Item frames are self lit
  • [MC-31649] - Beacon Beam not showing
  • [MC-31686] - Custom mob names can't be seen through blocks (13w38a-13w39b)
  • [MC-32008] - Since 13w38b leaves are lighter and cast a lot less shadows
  • [MC-32067] - Some blocks after you break them and save the game a bit later, it pops up again in the same place when you open up the world again
  • [MC-32371] - Cant see other player's names through walls
  • [MC-32733] - Game is sending incorrect (additional?) frames to the video buffer.
  • [MC-32762] - No logging to development console
  • [MC-33025] - No logs created in 13w39 client in singleplayer mode
  • [MC-33057] - Text is completely unreadable/invisible

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