Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Minecraft 13w39b - HTML format


  • [MC-784] - Letters in Arabic Language not connected
  • [MC-16849] - Crash near pyramid
  • [MC-30999] - Development console is spammed when growing flowers
  • [MC-31693] - Super Secret settings does nothing / Shaders don't work
  • [MC-32091] - "Diamonds to you" Achievement not available in Singleplayer
  • [MC-32663] - Some shaders render entire screen black
  • [MC-32672] - /testfor command no longer works
  • [MC-32673] - Command Blocks ignore Gamerule "commandBlockOutput"
  • [MC-32687] - Activating Minecart with Command Block with an Activator Rail causes multiple activations
  • [MC-32699] - Squid damage multiplayer - End of Stream, NullPointerException
  • [MC-32840] - Game crashes after loading a world in which I had replaced all blocks with air.

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