Release Notes - Minecraft: Java Edition - Version Snapshot 13w18a - HTML format


  • [MC-73] - Green arrow bug on maps in frames
  • [MC-590] - Mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space
  • [MC-1320] - Dogs wont stop snarling after punched by someone else
  • [MC-1980] - Zombie villagers are able to despawn during curing process
  • [MC-4631] - Lava decay fails to schedule block update
  • [MC-14218] - Minecraft can't handle 4096x4096 or larger cloud textures
  • [MC-14221] - Blocks stop updating one minute after entering the Nether or the End
  • [MC-14586] - You can pick up command blocks with any pickaxe
  • [MC-14786] - Can't place carpet on translucent blocks

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