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  • [MCPE-153944] - Sculk Shriekers placed by the player can be activated multiple times at once
  • [MCPE-153965] - Sculk Sensor and Sculk Shrieker drop xp after breaking them with Silk Touch
  • [MCPE-153992] - Regression: Quick Move does not merge stacks
  • [MCPE-154097] - Reinforced deepslate breaks a lot faster than Java
  • [MCPE-154983] - A mangrove grown at a negative height creates leaves above it at 0 height
  • [MCPE-155049] - Using Emotes 2 Times Will Cause Inventory to Disappear and your Screen to Turn into a Blue Void
  • [MCPE-155509] - Blinking UI, Visual Glitch: new chunks trying to generate over existing ones
  • [MCPE-155678] - Mobs disappear when sent through a nether portal in Bedrock

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