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  • [MCPE-117514] - Pick blocking or breaking a glow item frame gives the player a normal item frame
  • [MCPE-118791] - Strange rendering when look up while riding minecart
  • [MCPE-124890] - Function positional offset applies repeatedly/too late
  • [MCPE-126040] - Using CTRL + Pick Block on a container with items inside does not copy its data
  • [MCPE-126607] - New 1/4 - 4/4 Maps are centered where the map was generated.
  • [MCPE-126674] - Nether portals don't spawn zombified piglins when re-lit
  • [MCPE-126690] - Nether portals break in a ripple pattern, again
  • [MCPE-126815] - Problems with /setblock command
  • [MCPE-127196] - Magma Blocks doesn't pull you down/generate with bubble column anymore in underwater ravines/caves
  • [MCPE-127426] - Tropical fish buckets used on axolotls will not stack until used on anything.
  • [MCPE-127550] - Furnace/smoker/blast furnace stays lit after running out of fuel
  • [MCPE-127559] - Using coals doesn't smelt the same amount of items as previous version

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