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  • [MCPE-27797] - Old world types are getting cut off and can only be fixed if turned into infinite world type.
  • [MCPE-42589] - Blazes aren't hurt by splash or lingering water bottles
  • [MCPE-44422] - Cannot host a "Multiplayer Game" on Cellular Data
  • [MCPE-54902] - Achievement notification doesn't pop up
  • [MCPE-64644] - Cobblestone cannot be used to repair stone tools and weapons in anvil
  • [MCPE-65814] - Nylium decays instantly when placed underneath an opaque block
  • [MCPE-80715] - Striders are not damaged by splash or lingering water bottles
  • [MCPE-90715] - Can craft any colour of firework using only one dye
  • [MCPE-97483] - Endermen are not affected by splash or lingering water bottles
  • [MCPE-104960] - Bone meal particles appear in blocks
  • [MCPE-105411] - Cauldrons can't be filled with powder snow
  • [MCPE-105412] - Falling snow doesn't fill up cauldron
  • [MCPE-106044] - Cactus not breaking boat
  • [MCPE-113902] - Snow golems are not damaged by splash or lingering water bottles
  • [MCPE-116737] - Holding a crossbow appears to be offset and darker from your main hand
  • [MCPE-116741] - Holding and shooting bow position are incorrect
  • [MCPE-116773] - The shield in the second hand disappears (animation of changing) with some actions
  • [MCPE-117122] - Bow is not correctly positioned in players' hand
  • [MCPE-117503] - Maps in glow item frames do not glow
  • [MCPE-117516] - Sign colored text is too dark
  • [MCPE-119503] - Unidentified item with no name appears in Creative inventory
  • [MCPE-122056] - Mobs Don't Spawn at Y=0 Or Below
  • [MCPE-122665] - Glow Lichen is offset to the block it's attached to
  • [MCPE-123263] - Axolotls behave strange
  • [MCPE-123304] - Missing Axolotl Mob Sounds
  • [MCPE-123306] - Curing a zombie villager in a world with GameTest Framework enabled crashes the game
  • [MCPE-123670] - Cobbled Deepslate cannot be used to repair stone tools/weapons on an anvil
  • [MCPE-124266] - Underwater color fog doesn't change/stays the same blue color when you switch biomes
  • [MCPE-124282] - Water visibility no longer increases the longer you stay underwater
  • [MCPE-124374] - Village paths and fields generate underground
  • [MCPE-124836] - Water splash potions don't give the axolotl 1.5 minutes of moisture
  • [MCPE-125114] - Bedrock are exposed to the air at the very bottom of the new caves
  • [MCPE-125515] - Lingering Water Bottle cloud crashes game when you stand in it
  • [MCPE-125689] - Using bone meal on a sapling planted on a moss block consumes it, but doesn't grow into a tree
  • [MCPE-125756] - Fortune does not work on Iron, Gold or Copper ore as well as the Deepslate variants.
  • [MCPE-126316] - Glow lichen use the wrong color on maps

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