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  • [MCPE-84368] - Trying to equip an item to an armor stand causes the item to become stuck in the inventory
  • [MCPE-94194] - Game crashes when attacking pillagers during a raid
  • [MCPE-97234] - Blocks inserted into the item frame are misplaced
  • [MCPE-100257] - Crafting recipes do not recognize some items/blocks in the inventory properly
  • [MCPE-100361] - Book and Quills missing from the creative inventory
  • [MCPE-100614] - Nether Vegetation doesn't generate
  • [MCPE-100760] - "" appears in the tooltips
  • [MCPE-101097] - An extra "x" button exists in the inventory and loading screen
  • [MCPE-101107] - "createWorldScreen.experimentalitems" string exists in the Experimental Gameplay section
  • [MCPE-101245] - Insufficient Blocks Documentation

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