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  • [MCPE-52743] - Zombies never spawn as cave mobs
  • [MCPE-58081] - Items Bouncing On Lava Before Getting Destroyed
  • [MCPE-65372] - Netherite items in lava bounce repeatedly
  • [MCPE-69029] - Warped and Crimson Planks make a terrible sound when stepped on.
  • [MCPE-69047] - Netherite armor uses diamond armor equip sound
  • [MCPE-69741] - Weeping Vines/Twisting Vines Has No Sound When Climbing.
  • [MCPE-70774] - Netherite items in lava disappear when reloading world
  • [MCPE-71651] - Breaking a Furnace will not give you the experience for the smelted things inside
  • [MCPE-71939] - Hoglins attack on peaceful mode when too close
  • [MCPE-72045] - Hyphaes' mining speed is very quick
  • [MCPE-73220] - Zoglin same as pig sound
  • [MCPE-73889] - 64× Bonemeal disappears in seconds under signs
  • [MCPE-73890] - Soul campfires emit a light level of 15
  • [MCPE-73967] - Squids, Dolphins, and fish not spawning in bubble columns
  • [MCPE-74025] - Elytra Disappearing
  • [MCPE-74089] - Piglins raise their arms like a zombie when attacking
  • [MCPE-76080] - If you throw some gold items the piglins will pickup the entire stack thrown
  • [MCPE-76373] - Baby pigs will never despawn
  • [MCPE-79323] - /locate ruinedportal results are incorrectly displayed
  • [MCPE-79359] - Mobs can despawn immediately after spawning
  • [MCPE-79376] - Piglins have "open" in their interface
  • [MCPE-79483] - Walls don't attach to full glass blocks
  • [MCPE-79490] - Walls don't connect to open trapdoors/doors
  • [MCPE-79577] - Melon and pumpkin stems do not break when block below them is broken or trampled
  • [MCPE-79661] - Wither bossbar glitches after changing dimensions
  • [MCPE-81316] - Boats get slowed down on things without a collision box when on blue ice.
  • [MCPE-83180] - Error signing into Xbox account
  • [MCPE-90766] - Leggings on Zombified Piglins Overlaps

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