Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 1.12.1 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-30634] - Bonus chest not appearing on village island
  • [MCPE-36570] - Super fast zombie villagers in zombie villages (Seed Bug "NomUser-World")
  • [MCPE-37590] - Multiple Ender Dragons
  • [MCPE-38134] - Baby pig struck by lighting turns into adult zombie pigman
  • [MCPE-39374] - Bells and Lantens dont drop as item when it float. (It can float!!!)
  • [MCPE-39384] - Can’t call sword blade
  • [MCPE-41403] - Sea grass Problem
  • [MCPE-43330] - [Fixed] Old Zombie Villagers still spawn
  • [MCPE-43791] - Position background inconsistent with chat background
  • [MCPE-44815] - Exiting Nether Portal causing the game to freeze at "Building Terrain"
  • [MCPE-47378] - /clear [player] [identifier] does not behave correctly for blocks of data values above 0
  • [MCPE-49778] - World Will Not Generate - stuck on loading screen when player is located in the end dimension
  • [MCPE-49802] - Stuck on green loading bar
  • [MCPE-51520] - Marketplace Worlds Don't Work after 1.12.1 update
  • [MCPE-51533] - Texture pack that worked fine before 1.12.1 update, crashes the game now
  • [MCPE-51840] - Marketplace took my skins packs and worlds

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