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  • [MCPE-27167] - Shulker Boxes filled with Items cause Incredible Lag
  • [MCPE-41772] - Lag spike when opening inventory or crafting
  • [MCPE-41929] - Pre 1.9.0 tamed ocelots (Cat) sitting animation geometry is messed up
  • [MCPE-43230] - [Fixed] Leather Horse armor color value affects other types of armor
  • [MCPE-45704] - Mobs (including players) don't suffocate inside blocks.
  • [MCPE-45750] - Armor does not show enchanted glint on mobs and armor stands
  • [MCPE-45862] - Nintendo Switch Unknown Crash
  • [MCPE-46636] - [Fixed] Bells can freeze the game
  • [MCPE-46654] - Blocks don't show breaking animation and upon "breaking" don't drop anything.

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