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  • [MCPE-20677] - Red Sandstone stair texture messed up
  • [MCPE-42746] - Farmland uses coarse dirt as its side texture
  • [MCPE-43330] - [Fixed] Old Zombie Villagers still spawn
  • [MCPE-43841] - Observer block doesn't detect block updates in certain blocks.
  • [MCPE-44842] - Crouching while trying to open/or activating wooden doors, trapdoors, gates and buttons does not change their block states
  • [MCPE-44993] - Panorama of the main screen doesn't change to the Village & Pillage
  • [MCPE-45520] - Repairing Items in Inventory gives fully repaired item.
  • [MCPE-45914] - Andesite, diorite and granite are converted to smooth stone when smelting
  • [MCPE-45954] - Repairing in crafting menu and crafting table does not work properly
  • [MCPE-46354] - Game Freezing and/or crashing shortly after going to the end

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