Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 1.9.0 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-12025] - Items will not jump to the next highest solid platform when a transparent block is placed atop them
  • [MCPE-22480] - Shulker box doesn't open if you stand on it
  • [MCPE-23228] - Unable to connect to store problem!
  • [MCPE-26719] - Angry enderman don't make angry scream sounds!
  • [MCPE-30091] - Stuck in end credits help!
  • [MCPE-30234] - Witch spell particles are black
  • [MCPE-30782] - Pressing "Save & Quit" after going to the phone menu causes the screen to flicker.
  • [MCPE-33209] - Player raises from crouch / sneak after entering into the menu
  • [MCPE-35134] - Fancy Border on Banner not Working
  • [MCPE-35138] - Death messages not coming up in the chat
  • [MCPE-35910] - Character randomly looks / turns a random direction
  • [MCPE-37021] - Knockback system failure while killing mob
  • [MCPE-37467] - Texture packs and worlds won't download from the marketplace
  • [MCPE-38212] - Cannot unsneak/uncrouch when under water, causes drowning death
  • [MCPE-38300] - falling objects wont die
  • [MCPE-38358] - The Trident animation action is confused with the crossbow's preparation and launching action.
  • [MCPE-38374] - Player spawned at wrong altitude and falls from a height when reloading the world
  • [MCPE-38375] - Texture overlay scaffolding + leaves
  • [MCPE-38388] - Slimes spawn in the outside of slime chunk
  • [MCPE-38493] - Phantom won't drop Phantom Membrane
  • [MCPE-38580] - Some blocks turns black in color when I point at them.
  • [MCPE-38942] - Unable to place snow, flower pots, torches, etc. on scaffolding.
  • [MCPE-39126] - Win 10 Bedrock 1.7.1 hotfix breaks local multiplayer to mobile Bedrock still at 1.7.0
  • [MCPE-39449] - Ios update
  • [MCPE-39543] - world dont have a Bamboo Jungle Hills biome?
  • [MCPE-39749] - Block animations frozen after resuming game
  • [MCPE-39877] - White screen with bedrock edition; minecraft logo does not appear
  • [MCPE-40271] - Baby mooshroom head is small
  • [MCPE-40407] - Can't place scaffolding on certain full-size blocks
  • [MCPE-41118] - Wasted money

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