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  • [MCPE-33263] - Using a leash on a boat has some issues
  • [MCPE-36095] - Turtle eggs won't hatch
  • [MCPE-37467] - Texture packs and worlds won't download from the marketplace
  • [MCPE-37926] - having to restart minecraft to see how you look with a custom skin
  • [MCPE-38155] - Incorrect stray model in the beta
  • [MCPE-39355] - Crash when click on arrow with potion (red highlight) when craft fletching table
  • [MCPE-39647] - All Tropical fish skins are bugged out
  • [MCPE-39749] - Block animations frozen after resuming game
  • [MCPE-40271] - Baby mooshroom head is small

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