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  • [MCPE-12025] - Items will not jump to the next highest solid platform when a transparent block is placed atop them
  • [MCPE-19699] - End gateway portals don't work if the destination area on the outer end islands has already been generated.
  • [MCPE-22480] - Shulker box doesn't open if you stand on it
  • [MCPE-28864] - First Ender Dragon kill doesn't spawn an egg
  • [MCPE-31932] - Endermen partially unaffected by invisibility
  • [MCPE-35130] - relative coordinates issues.
  • [MCPE-35134] - Fancy Border on Banner not Working
  • [MCPE-35138] - Death messages not coming up in the chat
  • [MCPE-35910] - Character randomly looks / turns a random direction
  • [MCPE-36340] - Command blocks don't working after clone via /clone
  • [MCPE-36952] - Clock and Compass are invisible in the creative inventory
  • [MCPE-37170] - If the player is in a boat, the Icon on a map points in the wrong direction of travel.
  • [MCPE-37941] - Crashing
  • [MCPE-38212] - Cannot unsneak/uncrouch when under water, causes drowning death
  • [MCPE-38300] - falling objects wont die
  • [MCPE-38302] - Wrong textures for item when held
  • [MCPE-38314] - Crossbow cant attack (all) mob
  • [MCPE-38321] - crossbow shoot when click on board, ride, mount, equip and open
  • [MCPE-38358] - The Trident animation action is confused with the crossbow's preparation and launching action.
  • [MCPE-38465] - Crossbows after shooting can cause to destroy random nearby blocks in creative mode in
  • [MCPE-38711] - Scaffolding, ladders and vines are really slow in the latest beta
  • [MCPE-38914] - Vex Flying Bug

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