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  • [MCPE-20034] - Baby horse variants can be pushed through fences
  • [MCPE-20114] - Baby horses sometimes walk into walls/blocks(grass, dirt, etc.) and suffocate.
  • [MCPE-21542] - Redstone wire is not rendered on side of glass
  • [MCPE-31077] - Entities disappear out of sight underwater if they are 10-15 blocks away from you
  • [MCPE-32478] - Sneak bug - Sneaking and jumping into water prevents the player from jumping or swimming upwards
  • [MCPE-33440] - Parrot wont dismount when jumping
  • [MCPE-33779] - Some mobs can hear baby sounds besides the normal sound (adult form) of that mob when we spawn using the egg
  • [MCPE-34379] - It is not possible to create or enter any world - Stuck on Loading resource packs screen
  • [MCPE-34572] - Ghasts sometimes make very high-pitched sounds.
  • [MCPE-34882] - Minecraft Norse Mythology pack won't work on the updated Minecraft bedrock edition on the Nintendo Switch. I try to run the world and it says it failed to load every time.

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