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  • [MCPE-32927] - Water surface under top slab is invisible from below
  • [MCPE-33264] - Water with blocks above don't render the top texture
  • [MCPE-33503] - Inventory disappears during realm upload
  • [MCPE-33764] - When thrown to armor stand, the trident disappear
  • [MCPE-33888] - When you use bonemeal on grass it’s uses more than one bonemeal. For example if you use the bonemeal once it will use up three of your bonemeal and waste it.
  • [MCPE-33993] - drowned can't landing
  • [MCPE-34131] - Placeing Pumpkin on iron makes iron golem but doesnt take pumpkin
  • [MCPE-34133] - When I collect water from a river, it doesn't render the water block underneath

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