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  • [MCPE-12456] - Middle Click to Pick Block Doesn't Work in Survival
  • [MCPE-24057] - Glass and Ice doesn't render underwater
  • [MCPE-31908] - Tropical Fish Name Bug
  • [MCPE-31990] - [Fixed] Bow is in wrong hand
  • [MCPE-32414] - Door texture bug
  • [MCPE-32434] - Placing banners in creative
  • [MCPE-32547] - [Fixed in 1.5.0] Sprint-flying downwards into water causes the player to sink to the bottom
  • [MCPE-33378] - Trident falls below ground after hitting a mob or a Player
  • [MCPE-33445] - Dolphins can not be fed fish
  • [MCPE-33972] - Using Pick Block on any Wooden Pressure Plate Gives You an Oak Pressure Plate

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