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  • [MCPE-18171] - Dragon Attack Particle and Lingering Potion Lag.
  • [MCPE-20971] - Shaders pack's animations freeze
  • [MCPE-28270] - A settings button links to the wrong place
  • [MCPE-30626] - I can see through blocks facing south for a short period!
  • [MCPE-30703] - Shift Clicking to a chest with Bone Meal plays the green bone meal particles.
  • [MCPE-31844] - Tropical fish don't show their full texture on Android
  • [MCPE-32389] - Items don't flow from source water is flowing from
  • [MCPE-32391] - When flying foot steps are heard and player is at walking speed
  • [MCPE-32409] - Texture bug - education edition toggle enabled
  • [MCPE-32414] - Door texture bug
  • [MCPE-32692] - Changes to active repeating command blocks are discarded when screen animations are enabled
  • [MCPE-32901] - Buried Treasure Chests, Ruins, and Shipwreck locations can be incorrect.
  • [MCPE-32908] - Zombies that turned into drowneds don't drop items
  • [MCPE-32934] - Piston texture
  • [MCPE-33002] - Swimming and Attacking a mob (left click) at the same time doesn't register
  • [MCPE-33072] - Crash when pistons move blocks
  • [MCPE-33085] - Conduit bug

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