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  • [MCPE-6882] - Finger free mining and movement caused by rotating the device while touching
  • [MCPE-9064] - Fishing line is rendered outside the player model 'box' in the inventory armor section
  • [MCPE-14144] - Some items in hotbar change size when opening or closing a GUI
  • [MCPE-19554] - Tripwire fails to detect a bobber floating on top of the water below it
  • [MCPE-20550] - Controllers and Command Block GUI
  • [MCPE-22923] - Game Freezes
  • [MCPE-24022] - The Pocket UI Crafting Grid Only Allows 2x2 Crafting Patterns
  • [MCPE-25987] - Pick Block Colored Wool in Hotbar Provides Wrong Text.
  • [MCPE-29045] - Map item for nether and end in converted world's change dimensions
  • [MCPE-30617] - Item tooltips/descriptions do not appear when item selected in inventory (Classic UI). Only appears in hotbar when item is first selected.
  • [MCPE-31130] - Mossy stone brick is using cracked or mossy stone brick on its creation
  • [MCPE-31817] - Tropical fish can't spawned / or are invisible
  • [MCPE-32175] - existing superflat world has big holes after update

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