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  • [MCPE-11344] - Redstone torch has no burn out sound
  • [MCPE-11858] - On LAN other person cannot see marks when breaking blocks
  • [MCPE-16452] - Cauldron water briefly changes color when pushed by piston
  • [MCPE-18189] - Unbreaking Doesn't Exist In /enchant
  • [MCPE-18270] - You can not shoot yourself with a bow and arrow or splash potions
  • [MCPE-19451] - Vines do not affect mobs, just players
  • [MCPE-19558] - In Multiplayer mode players can not see the Critical Particles coming out when using Bow and Arrow
  • [MCPE-19735] - Player can place top half slab under feet while standing on bottom half slab
  • [MCPE-19791] - Wither Boss has no sound when it is spawned
  • [MCPE-19980] - Open Pushed Chest Crash
  • [MCPE-20863] - /clear Command Doesn't Remove Offhand Items
  • [MCPE-20898] - Riding a Horse and being under a block, 5 blocks higher than the ground will cause suffocation
  • [MCPE-21114] - Replaceitem bug - any block causes pumpkin GUI.
  • [MCPE-21213] - Shulker Boxes Not transferring items using hoppers or droppers
  • [MCPE-21226] - Horses sometimes vanish when jumping
  • [MCPE-21244] - Lefty Touch Controls - Not Responding Correctly
  • [MCPE-21274] - Vindicator does not do the animation of swinging the hand with axe down and up when attacking some entity
  • [MCPE-21284] - Infinite melon bug
  • [MCPE-21381] - Sheep's wool does not visually show the appropriate color

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