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  • [MCPE-18699] - Water cannot protect blocks from getting destroyed by the Wither
  • [MCPE-19876] - Animals Get Stuck on fences in corners
  • [MCPE-20461] - Command /say @a in command block is Incorrect
  • [MCPE-20717] - Command block texture is wrong
  • [MCPE-20746] - 0xfe RakNet wrapper packet is compressed out of the box
  • [MCPE-20759] - Can only write on top line of sign
  • [MCPE-20778] - Shulker boxes have the chest nbt tag
  • [MCPE-20844] - fishing bobber is missing
  • [MCPE-21058] - Inverted textures in command blocks
  • [MCPE-21142] - I can't craft a Dispenser in the Pocket UI profile
  • [MCPE-21234] - Quitting game in nether on glass causes you to restart on the bedrock roof.
  • [MCPE-21241] - The cartographer map colours are wrong
  • [MCPE-21298] - The connecting fence bar does not use the appropriate textures

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