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  • [MCPE-8868] - Textures on edges of door are incorrect
  • [MCPE-17883] - fishing produces gabillions of bubbles around the bobber.
  • [MCPE-19019] - If an anvil falls on top of another anvil it will be dropped
  • [MCPE-20278] - Farmer villagers don't pick up wheat seeds or beetroot seeds
  • [MCPE-20417] - bat spawn egg is missing its texture in fantasy texture pack
  • [MCPE-20490] - Villagers cannot pick up more than a stack (64) of a particular item
  • [MCPE-20634] - Flight controls cannot be enabled/disabled from a server with the 0x200 AdventureSettingsPacket flag
  • [MCPE-20650] - Clouds render underwater when fancy graphics are disabled
  • [MCPE-20719] - Peaceful mode doesn't work
  • [MCPE-20765] - Glazed Terracotta uses old Java Edition 17w06a textures, allowing to build potentially offensive imagery
  • [MCPE-20819] - Evoker fang attack is not completed
  • [MCPE-20882] - When teleported by an ender pearl, your head pitch rotation is reset
  • [MCPE-21130] - I can not change the setting world of survival to the creative

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