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  • [MCPE-11727] - Animals and mobs standing on interactive blocks can't move
  • [MCPE-17680] - When a stone block is mined with a silk touch pickaxe with 1 durability left, it drops cobble instead of stone
  • [MCPE-18027] - Wither painting is missing
  • [MCPE-19168] - Food drops of animal mobs are not cooked when killed with one shot of enchanted bow with flame
  • [MCPE-19631] - Arrow of Healing Bounces Off Undead, Only Base Arrow Damage Done
  • [MCPE-20239] - Witches are not affected by poison
  • [MCPE-20384] - When we use the / effect Command "Hide Particles True" instead of totally vanishing the particles, they are blue in color
  • [MCPE-20554] - /clear Nausea Effect - Shows Portal Travel Screen
  • [MCPE-20709] - Dyed shulker boxes in the inventory use the white shulker box texture
  • [MCPE-20727] - Tools in Vex and Vindicator hands are not positioned correctly
  • [MCPE-20739] - Dyeing a Shulker Box Deletes Contained Items
  • [MCPE-20760] - Invalid command syntax when adding CanPlaceOn in replaceitem command
  • [MCPE-20777] - In Creative Mode, the default creative mode items always reappear in your inventory when you do not have any items and exit and enter the world
  • [MCPE-20783] - After exiting the inventory, the hot bar GUI will sometimes disappear.
  • [MCPE-20875] - Magma Cube - Jumping Animation Bug
  • [MCPE-20933] - Zombie Villagers can be cured instantaneously.
  • [MCPE-21028] - Can't break paintings in MCPE

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