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  • [MCPE-10077] - Incorrect sounds on beds
  • [MCPE-10079] - Doors don't have a placement sound
  • [MCPE-10385] - Packed ice produces water when broken
  • [MCPE-11279] - Activator Rail makes wool/cake sound when placing/breaking it
  • [MCPE-11555] - Fence gates has no sound when activated by circuit
  • [MCPE-12281] - Renamed Containers Still Show Default Name in GUI (inc. Enchantment Table, Furnace, Brewing Stand, Dropper, Hopper, Chests etc)
  • [MCPE-13187] - Top of maps face east not north
  • [MCPE-16195] - Quartz slab has the wrong texture
  • [MCPE-16615] - "X" and "Z" coordinates are mirrored; "f" position is rotated 90° clockwise.
  • [MCPE-16902] - Breaking Ice produces water in creative
  • [MCPE-17261] - Sky color determined by direction player facing breaks third person front view
  • [MCPE-17582] - Cannot target a boat occupied by a horse
  • [MCPE-17910] - Redstone dust uses both plus-shape & connected-upwards textures when cut off by piston
  • [MCPE-18173] - Purpur block displayed as end stone in the map
  • [MCPE-18471] - Beacon's beam isn't visible through clouds
  • [MCPE-18758] - When we put a lilypad in the water and then we broke the particles are incorrect
  • [MCPE-19004] - Ender charge uses splash potion sound for impact
  • [MCPE-19087] - End Portal Frame - No Redstone Comparator Output
  • [MCPE-19299] - Elytra Do Not Wear Out (Lose Durability) for Connected Clients
  • [MCPE-19414] - Lead Floats Above Rabbits Head
  • [MCPE-19598] - Neutral Mobs Can Damage Player in Peaceful Difficulty
  • [MCPE-19840] - Collision box of item entities is bigger than expected
  • [MCPE-19925] - Smite not applying damage to Zombies
  • [MCPE-19993] - Splash potions will not go into brewing stand from hoppers.
  • [MCPE-20154] - Maps leave a striped pattern when zoomed/explored.
  • [MCPE-20262] - "Explosion" sounds from lightning strikes are just as loud as thunder.
  • [MCPE-20357] - The / Clear command does not delete the armor when equipped in the player
  • [MCPE-20576] - Crash when trading potions
  • [MCPE-20597] - Music isn't playing when downloaded after MCPE restart

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