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  • [MCPE-5453] - When died in the void,Game crashes.
  • [MCPE-14796] - skeletons with buggy arm
  • [MCPE-17469] - Horse sensitivity in multiplayer
  • [MCPE-17788] - Ridden horses lost after crash
  • [MCPE-18268] - When you throw an Ender Pearls into an unloaded chunk it won't teleport you.
  • [MCPE-18396] - Overworld mobs spawn in the end
  • [MCPE-19689] - Angered Pigmen Do Not Run Fast Enough
  • [MCPE-19832] - "minecraft:behavior.pickup_items" doesn't actually exist internally and has no effect
  • [MCPE-20535] - Villagers always throw food in a North-East direction regardless of direction of hungry villager

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