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  • [MCPE-15010] - Sometimes the player randomly drops an item out of the hotbar
  • [MCPE-20190] - Villagers duplicate items they pick up
  • [MCPE-20205] - Villagers can pick up any item
  • [MCPE-20297] - Chat strobes (flashes) when keyboard is up. (1.0.5)
  • [MCPE-20336] - Game Crashes When You Die From Wither Effect Given From Command
  • [MCPE-20371] - Getting killed by the Instant Damage effect causes the game to crash
  • [MCPE-20386] - When we use the command / effect health_boost no matter the length of time but the Level 1000000 The game closes
  • [MCPE-20450] - Tamed and persistent animals disappear

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