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  • [MCPE-12886] - Thunder turns to rain
  • [MCPE-16728] - /help missing some available commands such as teleport
  • [MCPE-17443] - Armor Bar and Other HUD GUI are placed incorrectly in survival/creative.
  • [MCPE-17601] - Ghasts can spawn in smaler than 4x4x4 places
  • [MCPE-18427] - Using an extended map/explorer map causes intense FPS drops and delays chunk generation.
  • [MCPE-19192] - When a sheep is killed in one shot with a bow enchanted with flame, it first drops the raw mutton and then the cooked mutton
  • [MCPE-19233] - Player's head render glitch.
  • [MCPE-20012] - Naturally-spawned villagers farm crops regardless of profession
  • [MCPE-20022] - Cured zombie villagers that weren't previously villagers cannot be traded with
  • [MCPE-20038] - Villager trading sounds are missing
  • [MCPE-20061] - Bug with Nametags and Villager Trading
  • [MCPE-20067] - Candy Texture Pack description is wrong
  • [MCPE-20149] - Lingering potion of decay isn't re-textured in the Cartoon texture pack
  • [MCPE-20150] - Dragon's breath isn't re-textured in the Festive Mash-Up pack
  • [MCPE-20162] - Chiselled and Smooth Sandstone Do Not Have Smooth Underside

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