Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.15.3 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-11644] - Carpet does not catch fire when placed over lava
  • [MCPE-12775] - Crops not popping at 0 light level
  • [MCPE-12940] - Nether brick fence are connected to cobblestone wall
  • [MCPE-12975] - Texture bug blocks placed on the side of glass or leaves hides texture
  • [MCPE-13165] - Item frame can be placed on edge of redstone dust
  • [MCPE-13802] - Clocks in item frames have extra pixels
  • [MCPE-14357] - TNT Minecarts shot by a dispensor crashes the game
  • [MCPE-14522] - Pistons can use slime to push them selves causing an issue.
  • [MCPE-14531] - Buttons moved off-screen with certain GUI size settings
  • [MCPE-15090] - Jockey Glitch
  • [MCPE-15198] - Peony Flower texture sprite shows a white pixel
  • [MCPE-15218] - Horse Bug - Horse Dies When LAN Connected Player Dismounts
  • [MCPE-15399] - Cannot Open Inventory When Riding a Mine Cart
  • [MCPE-15476] - Stuck pistons stay stuck forever
  • [MCPE-15502] - Observer top texture always faces north
  • [MCPE-15523] - Unable to eat or use bow while in Minecart
  • [MCPE-15556] - Adding friends by gamertag does not send them invites
  • [MCPE-15605] - Pistons that got activated can't be sticked to a slime block
  • [MCPE-15862] - Rail Duplication Bug
  • [MCPE-15890] - You can't open your inventory while in a boat
  • [MCPE-15962] - Pressure plates placed on fences show in your face
  • [MCPE-16072] - Horse breeding

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