Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.15.0 Beta build 1 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-5473] - cant see water under ice
  • [MCPE-7318] - When red sand falls on torches it turns into regular sand.
  • [MCPE-7903] - Cactus on hotbar has broken texture
  • [MCPE-11400] - Chests in desert temple generation bug
  • [MCPE-11500] - Note Block's audio is too low.
  • [MCPE-11703] - Incorrect position when fence gate is opened
  • [MCPE-12038] - Fly and Sneak float (touch input)
  • [MCPE-12127] - Desert temple generation glitch
  • [MCPE-12394] - Cobblestone wall are connected to sideways fence gate
  • [MCPE-12516] - Items and yourself cannot fall into cauldrons.
  • [MCPE-12540] - Hopper texture bug
  • [MCPE-12673] - Angry Wolf Texture Missing
  • [MCPE-12960] - Nether Wart block has wrong shape when placed at Soul Sand.
  • [MCPE-12961] - Paintings not adhered to the wall.
  • [MCPE-13619] - Cannot Shift + Place Containers Whilst Flying
  • [MCPE-13949] - Lava rendering issue as seen in the Nether
  • [MCPE-14066] - You can put torches, ladders and vines in pressure plates and daylight sensor
  • [MCPE-14174] - Redstone does not align correctly when "cut" by farmland block and grass path block.
  • [MCPE-14238] - Fences and Cobblestone Wall placed in Item Frames are invisible
  • [MCPE-14255] - Colored armor doesn't show color when in hotbar, but does when you tap inventory button.
  • [MCPE-14871] - Crash

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