Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.14.2 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-7613] - stuck at generating world buliding blocks
  • [MCPE-7858] - Massive Lag on Samsung Devices!
  • [MCPE-9749] - Block placing range from where the player is standing is not consistent
  • [MCPE-10016] - [main menu] The text of the option-box does not match correctly into the box.
  • [MCPE-10019] - Hotbar item title or description text overlaps the armor and water breathing bars
  • [MCPE-10314] - Lines are visible between adjacent snow-covered and ice blocks.
  • [MCPE-10445] - Weakness effect lasts after affect is gone
  • [MCPE-10740] - Small graphical glitch in hunger bar
  • [MCPE-11692] - Some 0.12 savegames are full of lag
  • [MCPE-11713] - 0.13.1 (win10 beta) crashes on startup
  • [MCPE-11752] - Brewing stand bug
  • [MCPE-11824] - Force quit when items are in the Anvil or Enchantment Table deletes those items
  • [MCPE-11931] - Inactive redstone torches behave as if they were opaque
  • [MCPE-11943] - Trapped chests don't emit Redstone energy
  • [MCPE-12392] - Multiplayer - Cannot connect to others after first time playing successfully
  • [MCPE-12420] - Redstone dust not powering the correct blocks
  • [MCPE-12502] - Weird artifacts when placing item frames on a vertical block (see screenshots)
  • [MCPE-12517] - Title Screen Selections Stay Highlighted
  • [MCPE-12718] - Colored text is not very synchronized with pocket edition
  • [MCPE-12725] - Item frame signal strength starts in the wrong place.
  • [MCPE-12981] - Redstone torch inverted ( burned , off) receives update when entering the world
  • [MCPE-13136] - Enchanting overlay incorrect (Win10)
  • [MCPE-13417] - Item travel very slow when using hoppers.
  • [MCPE-13789] - Item Frames take a while rendering
  • [MCPE-13862] - RESOLVED Magenta and Pink carpets are missing in creative inventory
  • [MCPE-13892] - Holding Throwable Items Causes 'Rapid Fire' Effect on Levers, Doors Etc.
  • [MCPE-14050] - Hoppers pointing at minecarts with chest sideways may fail to fill the cart
  • [MCPE-14071] - When you shear one mooshroom, spawn two cows instead of one.

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