Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.14.0 Beta 4 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-10346] - Mobs jump on slabs for few seconds while moving on them
  • [MCPE-10957] - Killing mobs with splash potions will not drop XP
  • [MCPE-11243] - Torches are able to be crafted in inventory without having coal in your inventory.
  • [MCPE-11689] - Hostile mobs do not drop their drops
  • [MCPE-12498] - Black artifacts on certain inventory sprites
  • [MCPE-12501] - Minecarts with hoppers have texture z-fighting (or y-fighting?)
  • [MCPE-12528] - TNT and Hopper minecarts flash light to dark
  • [MCPE-12569] - Notification bar no longer "Auto Hide"
  • [MCPE-12577] - Repeating put a water to cauldron in creative mode still make sound and bubble particle
  • [MCPE-12611] - When i get hits the item frames are red
  • [MCPE-12688] - Witch is throwing potions in the sky
  • [MCPE-12728] - You can kill undead mobs with damage potions
  • [MCPE-12838] - Maps are look like a black spot in old worlds
  • [MCPE-12860] - Maps with unexplored regions placed in Item Frames are transparent
  • [MCPE-12938] - Items in inventory duplicate when clicked to use
  • [MCPE-12969] - When Map is placed on Item Frame above a chest the game crashes
  • [MCPE-13085] - Chunk disappeared after using a lots of Redstone stuffs
  • [MCPE-13135] - Duplication bug with Portals of 0.13.0 is back
  • [MCPE-13182] - Picked up items poof when inventory is full
  • [MCPE-13188] - Cake Recipe

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