Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.12.1 Beta 13 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-9109] - Vines not Flammable
  • [MCPE-9437] - Mobs that are supposed to be in the Nether are rare to find(Except for Pigmen)
  • [MCPE-9438] - Wither Skeleton Model Size Bug
  • [MCPE-9458] - Name of the Nether Brick Fence is incorrect
  • [MCPE-9821] - Door knobs on doors from both sides do not match
  • [MCPE-9848] - Can't pick tall flowers
  • [MCPE-10104] - After exiting, your own local server still visible
  • [MCPE-10261] - Trap door causes player to suffocate and texture bug
  • [MCPE-10356] - When blocks are placed/broken there is no breaking or placing sound
  • [MCPE-10358] - Skeletons dont have sound
  • [MCPE-10361] - Incorrect and missing block sounds
  • [MCPE-10377] - Ghast Death sound missing
  • [MCPE-10396] - Sound

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