Release Notes - Minecraft (Bedrock codebase) - Version 0.12.1 Beta 12 - HTML format


  • [MCPE-7951] - 2x2 Jungle trees leaves disapear when you grow them artificially (bonemeal)
  • [MCPE-8809] - Stack of zero inc sacs caught from fishing
  • [MCPE-9336] - Iron golem bug
  • [MCPE-9787] - Bow position bug in 2nd and 3rd player view
  • [MCPE-10138] - You cannot place torches on nether brick fences.
  • [MCPE-10205] - Trap door bugs!
  • [MCPE-10241] - Apples do not drop from trees
  • [MCPE-10313] - Zombie pigman fights iron golem back.
  • [MCPE-10335] - Brewing stand shows incorrect icon

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